Welcome, Summer!

Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, we recently enjoyed the summer solstice, which ushered in the official start of summer at last! Welcome the long, warm days that entice us to venture outside, mingle with neighbors, and embark on activities that only come with the company of sunshine. My family has been enjoying time at the local pool, gardening, playing outside, and more!


I love living in the Midwest, with four distinct seasons that offer inhabitants a splendid variety. These changes help keep us from getting stagnant. They also help us name the natural rhythms of our lives. Each season can serve as a beautiful metaphor for the many significant shifts we encounter over time… the gathering of wisdom that autumn brings, the hibernation for restoration that winter invites, the reawakening that spring births, and the grand flourishing that summer beckons.


As this lovely season of summer gets underway, I pause to take it all in and contemplate where my inner life lines up with the natural world around me. I’m inspired by the phrase credited to Saint Francis de Sales, a patron saint of writers, which says, “bloom where you are planted.” And so I ask myself, in what ways am I being invited to grow, here and now? How can I thrive today? These questions in mind, perhaps together we can practice being present to the grand flourishing within and around us this summer. May you be inspired!

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