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Count Your Blessings

As I think of Thanksgiving this year, a lyric from my song “Heaven’s Gonna Heal My Sorrow” comes to mind. That lyric is: “I’ve lived long enough to know, you count your blessings when it hurts.” I think this lesson…

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The Do-Over

Over the years I, like most people, have had my share of blunders. Some big, some small. There have been conversations wherein as soon as the words were out I wished I could suck them back into my mouth, or…

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Who We Really Are

Earlier this week I read something that basically said who we REALLY are lies somewhere between who OTHERS think we are and who WE think we are.  That got me thinking. 

For part one, “others” involves a wide range. 


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Change is the Only Constant

Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere is a great reminder that life isn’t static. The green leaves turn to blazing colors that stun us before falling and crumpling into fertilizer. That fertilizer will settle under a forthcoming blanket of snow until…

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Be More Than a Bystander 

When I was in college, I made a friend who I thought was going to be a soul sister for life, let’s call her Brenda. Brenda had a longtime friend, we can call her Karla. We all got along really…

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Addressing Cognitive Distortions 

A good friend of mine once shared how she was working on addressing cognitive distortions in her life. She is excellent at her job, gets amazing reviews and feedback, yet something in her doubts her performance on a regular basis…

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The Book Being Written 

I’m a writer, and so it’s not unreasonable to think that one day I will publish a book. It’s on my list.  And actually I have published four music albums, one EP, and a compilation.  So I know a little…

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The Difference Between Good and Great 

I have had the privilege of being trusted with other people’s personal stories many times throughout my life.  I assume that’s because I’m willing to be vulnerable with others myself, and I don’t hold back on asking questions in the…

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Living With Contradictions 

I care about the environment, yet I drive an SUV some of the time. 

I am a vegetarian who sees no need to kill fellow mammals for human survival in modern life, yet I cooperate in feeding our daughters venison…

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Neither Invade Nor Abandon

The Center for Action and Contemplation offers daily meditations. In one from last week, contemplative practitioner and clinical psychologist, James Finley, wrote the following: 

“When you risk sharing what hurts the most in the presence of someone who will not…

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