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Balanced Power 

Relationships, if they are to be successful, require an equal balance of power. As soon as one tries to dominate the other the bond falls apart.  There is no trusting someone who tries to knock you down, whether verbally or…

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The Curriculum of Life

My oldest is in the process of selecting classes for her next year of school.  There are core classes, such as English and Math, that all students must take.  Then there are electives wherein students can pick what interests them…

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Help the Healing

A friend (also a therapist) told me that after experiencing a trauma what a person needs most is to tell what happened to them — and to be believed.  The healing process begins by being heard and trusted as credible…

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To Trust

Author Michael Singer once wrote, “No person or situation could ever teach you as much as death has to teach you.” That rings true as I think  back to insights gained each time a loved one of mine was put…

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Just Better

As we shift into the gift of another year, I have been considering what resolutions to make.  Many of us recycle our intentions with a renewed aspiration that this will be the year I finally (fill in the blank)!  Yet…

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