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Why Not Name It

In the past year I’ve had two unrelated relationships get strained for different reasons.  In both cases there were some confusing pieces, assumptions made, and things left unsaid.  Each situation reached a point where it seemed to me that if…

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The Only Moment

If we have lived long enough, we have been hurt at one time or another. If we haven’t healed those wounds or set them free, they might resurface every so often to take our mind on a tour of the…

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Settled For Now

When discerning between options we’re often advised to look for the path that is most life-giving or offers us peace. But there are times in life when the possibilities before us don’t amount to choosing between goods.  Sometimes no trajectory…

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Speak Wisely

Some people are addicted to trash talk. It’s how their ego gets fuel. And given that like attracts like, it’s easy for gossip groups to form. Often they circle around a ring leader who directs the narrative, disparaging other people…

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Silence Should Have Its Say

I’m what you might call an outgoing introvert. I love being around people, sharing stories, and asking lots of questions. Yet after certain gatherings, I enjoy a noiseless space to recharge. 

This had me thinking lately about how, over the…

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Spend Your Love

The month of August often marks the passage of time for me.  Among some birthdays, the school year starting up again, and summer winding down I am reminded that life is cyclical, short, and precious. 

In line with these feelings…

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Powerless and Empowered

Typical 12 step programs begin with admitting one is powerless over the matter at hand. There is something to be said for being honest with ourselves about that which is outside of our control. I think it’s equally important, however…

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The Gift of Another Year

Soon yours truly will begin another orbit around the sun, with the help of our planet.  Birthdays are typically a point of reflection for me, a chance to evaluate where I’ve been and where I’m headed, amidst taking time to…

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Beauty for Ashes 

We’ve heard such stories as these from those who have received beauty for their ashes:

I had no idea I’d be called to grief counseling one day… 

and that what would qualify me was having endured sudden, tragic loss. 



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One Step Forward

Sometimes in life we passionately want something that seems so out of reach.  This makes the wanting painful and we’re tempted to surrender our dream just to stop hurting over it.  Instead of focusing on not having it, however, we…

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