Tammy's Store page is in the process of being updated.  Never fear, you can purchase her music on i-tunes and through other online venders.  Click the links below or search Tammy Ann Winn.  Thank you for your support!  




Calling Deep

"Calling Deep" reveals the charm of Tammy Ann Winn's modern folk-pop style, through poignant lyrics and organic compositions.  The producer of this album is Troy Fannin.

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"Butterfly" celebrates Tammy's eclectic style with original pop-rock compositions.


You Know the Way ~ Unajua Njia

"You Know the Way" is a collaborative project between Tammy and the Lwanda Gospel and Compassionate Team of Kenya, Africa, featuring two of Tammy's original tunes and three from the Kenyan choir.


A Step Back

"A Step Back" is an extended play collection of eight songs by Tammy. This project is stripped down and acoustic driven, enhancing the intimacy of the lyrics and melodies.

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Collecting Yesterday

"Collecting Yesterday" is a unique compilation of Tammy Ann Winn music, featuring popular songs from Tammy's first three albums.

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"Sweetheart," Tammy's first full-length CD, won her national recognition and continues to delight fans today.

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