We Are Not Alone

What I like about the doctrine of the Trinity in the Christian Tradition is that it affirms there are different ways — at least three — in which one experiences God. 

God as Creator reminds me that there is a source of life from which all matter is formed and is sustained. 

God as Redeemer reminds me that we have been designed to live healthy and free, with a rejuvenating grace that mends us when needed, again and again. 

God as Holy Spirit reminds me that we are more than our bodies, that there is an energy which animates all living beings, and this energy cannot be destroyed. 

I recently read that within the Trinity, God has never been alone.  From there it then follows that we, being made of the “stuff” of God, are never alone either.  We are each a part of that Trinitarian dance, that relationship with God and among God. 

On my better days I take intentional time to contemplate this dance with God in prayer.  Tuning into that sensation, I experience God holding everything there is to hold — like an affectionate parent (Creator), there to guide (Redeemer), there to love infinitely (Holy Spirit). 

Of course there are boundless ways to understand God, which is why I enjoy Interreligious Dialogue.  Learning how other cultures approach the divine only serves to expand my comprehension of this Eternal Presence.  When we put our awe and wonder caps on we realize that, regardless of religious doctrine, an Amazing Intelligence is at work throughout this planet.  And, according to NASA, “Our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of billions of galaxies in the universe.”  Surely then, we cannot pin down just one definition for the Source of All.  We can, however, embrace that there is an ongoing relationship among all of existence — that which has taken shape, that which is revitalized throughout, and that which can never be annihilated only transformed.  This relationship sounds a lot like the Trinity to me and ultimately a lot like Love. 

We are not alone. 

May you be inspired!

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