Trust Followed By Joy 

Sometimes things we desperately want in life don’t come at the pace we prefer, or in the form we wish, or perhaps seemingly at all.  Yet we routinely make our requests known to the heavens and hope that the door we want opened indeed opens.  But do we trust? 

Do we trust that, once our prayer has been made, something greater than us holds it? 

Over time I’m learning that persistence isn’t needed in the petitioning as much as confidence… confidence that there will be an answer in time.  Not the kind of answer that denotes a God moving us around like chess pieces, but an answer that simply lies at the heart of grace unfolding. 

I was talking about such an issue with a friend who reminded me that in the in between time — in between the asking and the comprehending an answer — the best thing I can do is to tune into all that brings me joy and savor it.  Focusing on the positive aspects of life generates a receptivity in us to be open to that which comes next, and there is always some gift to be found in the Mystery that evolves us.  Quite often, actually, the result is far better than we could have imagined. 

Is there something I can appreciate, something that will help me center on joy despite the circumstances?

It can be quite challenging to surrender the weight of waiting to a Higher Power.  Let us take that leap, however, and remove the concern off our list for the day, knowing it’s in Spirit’s inbox now and out of our hands.  Then let us find something wonderful to delight in, to lift our energy for welcoming the good that is on its way. 

May you be inspired!

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