To Begin Again 

This past week I concluded one trip around the sun and started another.  Often when I roll into a new year of life I look for ways to begin again, to hit the reset button on living from my core values and how they play out in tangible ways.  It’s a chance to recommit to that which is working, unfasten that which is not, and birth any newness beckoning. 

Amidst our global pandemic, this year’s birthday ritual is a bit more challenging for me.  Life hasn’t had the usual markers of time to which many of us are accustomed.  Certain points of progress that normally span 365 days seem somewhat nondescript.  There are many moving parts fading in and out, laden with uncertainty. 

But there is an invitation here too, in the less structured openness and chaos we’re all encountering.  We have the opportunity to create something new — a new way of being… a new set of skills to evolve… a new practice of present moment contentedness to embrace… and certainly new methods for expressing love and compassion.  We are being summoned to live into the answers of our current reality with courage, hope, and ingenuity.  I aim to welcome these unique opportunities for growth as I gear up to begin again. 

May you be inspired!

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