The Why 

The term Advent can be traced back to Latin, and it means “arrival, appearance,” and “to come.” For me, Advent brings to mind the discipline of waiting for that which is on its way. And what exactly are we waiting for? The obvious answer to many is the birth of Christ, and indeed that is the pinnacle, but let’s explore a bit beyond that headline. 

May I suggest that, perhaps, beneath the bliss of the beautiful story of God among us, we are waiting for the “Why.” 

I’ve been reading Viktor Frankl’s "Man’s Search for Meaning" lately. In it he quotes the German philosopher Nietzche’s words: “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” That thought strikes me profoundly as I ask of myself and one another: What is your Why? 

It seems to me that our “Whys” in life need the soulful illumination that comes with God’s communion with us — that incredible Light-of-the-World-connection we celebrate at the end of Advent. I think we need such Light to help us see our Whys, to live with meaning and purpose. 

As a spiritual practice, Advent is about preparing our souls for the birth of this Light. So while you wait, why not explore your Whys. Maybe you will want to give some thought to those areas in your life that need to be pulled out of the shadows. Maybe you will want to consider the gifts that long to be born in and through you. Maybe you will want to ponder with whom you are to bask in the Light as you live your one precious life. 

Whatever the Why, when it is discovered and blessed in such Holy Brilliance, we can trust that it is a calling worthwhile. 

May you be inspired!

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