The Power of a Story Shared

Not long ago I read Michelle Obama’s memoir and was moved by her candor and authentic journey - an influential story to be sure.  And recently, my dear husband took me to see the amazing musical, Hamilton - another impacting story.  With these example fresh in my brain, I am reminded of the incredible power a story has… especially when shared!  


Stories matter.  It is why the motto representing my creative work is “Songs. Stories. Soul.”  Songwriters always have a backstory for each tune they pen and it is in that background that the inspiration takes root.  Why not share it?  Chances are if you’ve experienced it, someone else has too.  Herein lies the gift of sharing our stories: connection.  


Our world revolves around stories.  They’ve been shared for thousands of years at least, perhaps starting with drawings on a wall and eventually including around campfires, at dinner tables, inside parlors, and now we can also say around televisions and movie theaters as we tune in to hear a story.  Stories inspire us, comfort us, challenge us.  We all have several that lead up to this moment.


Sharing one’s story can require a strength in the vulnerability to really be seen.  And it is in both the sharing of a story and the listening to one that often calls for the best in us to rise up and live authentically.  As the great mythologist Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  May you listen, may you share.  May you be inspired.

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