The Call for Balance 

Periodically I am confronted with the need for more balance in my life.  The signal might be a body ache, a lack of patience, or a struggle to be present to that which matters most.  However my attention is fetched, I know it’s time to pause, reflect, and welcome clarity. 

It may be that my body is asking for more attention, or my mind is needing to be emptied, or my soul is yearning for more creative expression.  Whatever the case, I try to be gentle with the awareness that comes to the surface and realistic about what next step I can take in response. 

There is a deep knowing in us about our needs and longings.  In quiet stillness they will rise to our consciousness and, if we stay in that space a little while, a path forward is often revealed, one that restores harmony to our daily living. 

Where are you being called to a better balance in your life? 

May you be inspired!

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