The Beauty of Honesty

Growing up in the Roman Catholic tradition, I’ve learned to embrace Lent as a time of truth-telling — a time where I can check in on my journey, for better or worse. By evaluating where I’m at presently, a result of where I’ve been, I can at least try to course correct areas that need it. This point of reflection gives me hope that I can move forward being better aligned with the “true north” of the Holy Spirit by my understanding. This not only includes being a good human being, it also incorporates living out more fully the design for joy that has been created in me. 

Fearlessness is required in this evaluation process. I must truly let down my guard and be real about what is — where I struggle and fall short, as well as what’s on target. There seems to me no other path to actualizing life’s full potential but with courage to name what needs to be named. 

Initially, I do this work internally; it’s just me with perhaps a journal and pen. Part two requires I share my discoveries with another trusted individual, be it a spiritual director, counselor, or soul friend. Admitting to another human being where I need forgiveness and help is a pivotal step in taking responsibility for myself. Not to mention, someone who is skilled in accompanying others can offer tremendous insight that confirms healing is taking place and can help plant new seeds of growth. Finally in this process, I commit to the improvements that have been stirred up in my heart, and take action steps toward the wholeness they promise. 

The beauty of honesty is the freedom it espouses. In the midst of ugly truths and ignorant missteps we can find relief in releasing what was to make way for what can be. We can also intentionally call forth the many blessings, sometimes hidden, that are worthy of celebration. And with prayer and initiative, we are able to start living amends and embracing our truest selves. 

May you be inspired!

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