Sweet Dreams 

Last night I had the privilege of presenting online to a wonderful group of women on the topic of “Spiritual Growth through Dream Work.”  I’m not a therapist, psychologist, or Jungian analyst but I am a contemplative seeker who has experienced profound insights by doing intentional dream work over the past fifteen years.  It has become a spiritual practice for me that deepens my journey.  Dream work is an ancient tradition that has been appreciated by many throughout the ages who understand that dreams are an intimate, intricate gift of soul wisdom from the Dream Maker. 

Most dream workers, including myself, will tell you that all dreams lead to healing and wholeness… even the disturbing ones.  The way dreams do this is by communicating the unconscious to the conscious and “waking us up” to an area or issue in our life needing attention.  Dreams offer a unique entry point to that “still small voice” within that seeks to guide us toward actualizing our best selves. When we deliberately work with dreams we can bring our lives into better balance and harmony. 

More often that not, in my experience, dreams come with a request for us… perhaps to make a change, or appreciate something, or to take some action. 

What might your dreams be telling you? 

May you be inspired!

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