Supported by Love

Recently I’ve been reminded of the old adage, “A burden shared is a burden lightened.” Many people prefer to sort through their troubles or concerns in isolation. Yet when we go it alone for too long, we run the risk of interpreting the matter in extremes. On one end we can minimize the problem, and thus ignore it, when the truth is it demands some attention. On the other end, we can maximize the problem, and give up on the situation by thinking it is just too enormous, when the truth is it's not so bad. 

What helps me cut through theses extremes is to pause and share what’s on my heart and mind with a trusted loved one, someone with the capacity to stand with me and enter into my experience with compassion. It is there that I am often comforted by finding others can relate, i.e. “I’m not the only one…” That in itself brings tremendous relief. And within a healthy exchange between myself and a friend or mentor, the synergy of intentional conversation always leads to a greater perspective and more options than when I was trying to figure it out on my own. 

Simply put, when we share a trouble with someone who is capable of expressing their care for us, we feel supported by love. That’s no small thing. 

May you be inspired!

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