Spirit Unfolding

Seven years ago our family had a streak of five moves in a three year span. From 2012 to 2015, it went something like this: house to apartment, house, apartment, apartment, house. Our daughters were just two years old and six months old when this hectic stretch began. Now that we’ve been in one place for a few years, I’m at last diving into some boxes of their precious artwork that had been stored and shuffled around during the many moves.


This task has caused me to look deeper into why I keep these collections in the first place. As an artist myself, I cherish the privilege of witnessing the creative process each of my children embark upon, whatever form that may take. Tuning into their expressions and discoveries can be an amazing experience of spirit unfolding. As the years roll on, I see themes emerge while they hone their skills to convey who they are and what they offer the planet. Tangibly holding something one has crafted with pride can be an incredible means for such reflection and joy. The human capacity to create is a beautiful gift indeed and, I believe, enhances our connection to the Source of Life. 


Regardless of all the moves, I’ve always had a wall dedicated to displaying the girls’ original artwork. Once it is full, we take a picture of them next to the gallery, then recycle much of it, keep our favorites, and repeat. The favorites collected are now in binders, one for each year, marking their journeys of self-revelation. The girls look upon them as special treasure troves. These portfolios of memories behold their imaginations translated from mind to page. How grateful am I to be a “keeper of the stories” for them in this way. 


In what ways do you see spirit unfolding in your life, and how might you honor it? May you be inspired!

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