Soul Signals

The word psyche in Greek means soul.  Some see soul as a life-force energy that guides and empowers us, as well as connects us with one another beyond space and time.  Keeping that definition in mind, consider this statement by Jungian Analyst, James Hollis: 

“When a depression is not biologically driven, it's usually psyche's way of withdrawing energy from wherever we're putting it.” 

In other words, depression can be a signal to us from our soul saying a change needs to be made.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the path we’re is on is bad, it may simply be that it’s not the path best suited for the experience the soul wishes to live out with us.  Hollis encourages people to get curious about one’s depression, asking why has the soul withdrawn its energy from the situation and what is it asking for instead?  It might be anything from a simple tweak to a wholesale shift.  The key is to tune in and patiently listen.  This is a beautiful — albeit challenging and often quite painful — gift of soul life.  It is designed to support our authenticity and, if we’re off track, faithfully let us know. 

Where in your life might you be getting a soul signal? 

May you be inspired! 


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