Replacing Fears with Faith

I’ve heard it said that worry is wasted energy. I recall my mom sharing that when she was younger she would occasionally worry that one or both of her parents might die from a stroke. Who knows why she feared a stroke and not something else. Perhaps it was related to what she had studied or seen as a nurse. Regardless, she would tell me that story to illustrate that it was useless to concern one’s self with tragic things that might happen one day. It robs us of the gifts before us now. And, as it turns out, neither of her parents, nor anyone in our family tree, has ever had a stroke to my knowledge. 

Instead let’s think about how we can we replace our fears with faith. I don’t mean faith in the form of cliches such as, “everything happens for a reason,” or “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” Though these thoughts may comfort some, they don’t typically work for me. What I’m getting at is a point of faith wherein we surrender these fears altogether, accepting our limitations to manage future “what ifs” today. This is a faith that simply says, “God goes before me.” 

Yes we should reasonably do what we can to be responsible for our part of a situation (e.g. take care of one’s health to minimize an illness). Beyond that, however, we can release the rest for it is not ours to determine anyway. 

I am soothed when I acknowledge there IS something greater than the self, which many call God, and I’m not it. 

May you be inspired!

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