Relationship Inventory

Years ago someone told me that instead of doing New Year’s Resolutions, he would do a Relationship Inventory.  Many of us may already do something like this once in a while, without realizing it.  Yet there is something powerful about being intentional on this topic.  After all, most people will tell you that relationships are their number one priority.  Yet does our key relationship “currency” (i.e. time spent) confirm that value?


I came up with 10 questions to help me assess and reflect upon this area of life: 

  1. With whom do I spend my time?  (Think of one person at a time through #7.)
  2. How much time do I spend with him/her?
  3. Why do I spend my time with him/her?
  4. Is it time well spent?
  5. Is it a fairly equitable relationship where we each give and take appropriately?
  6. Do I give more to that relationship, and am I okay with that because it serves a good purpose?
  7. Do I take more from that relationship, and am I okay with that because the other person has expressed a willingness to give to me in this way?
  8. With whom do I wish I had more time?
  9. With whom do I think it’s best to step back a bit, or all together, because the relationship is not life-giving?
  10. Do I spend enough time with myself?


Perhaps this spring you’ll want to evaluate with whom are you giving your precious time, and make any healthy adjustments needed. May you be inspired!   


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