On a few medical websites I’ve been reading about the liver’s amazing capacity, more than any other organ, to regenerate.  The liver is able to replace damaged tissue even after up to 60% of its cells have been killed off.  The goal it has is body homeostasis by maintaining a normal liver-to-bodyweight ratio.  This is yet again another incredible example of our body’s design to heal and recover. 

What caused me to look up information about the liver in the first place was my curiosity about the restorative capacity of the body and my hunch that the same is true of our soul life.  I’ve found that whenever I’m on the other side of a difficulty, or I’ve at least been given a break from a troubling situation for a period of time, my inner world finds its way back to an equilibrium of sorts.  Once recalibrated, I can reclaim an awareness of who I really am and what truly matters in life with a presence of peace and joy. 

We’ve likely all seen this process of spiritual rehabilitation occur in people we love if not in ourselves.  As soon as one has space from the toxins of their life, or the tragedy has passed, the return to wholeness begins.  It may come by way of rest and perspective, or by radical acceptance and letting go, or perhaps just by time that eventually yields to a good endorphin-rising laugh. 

However it is we mend, I take great solace in knowing that, like the body, our souls know the way there. 

May you be inspired!

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