Redistribution of Personal Energy

Some problems can become all consuming in a flash. If the difficulty feels chronic, or the issue presents itself as urgent, how easy it is to make it our singular focus. We investigate it, parse it out, get as clear as we can on the storyline and patterns. All of this effort can be good if it leads us to a productive solution in a reasonable amount of time. Yet when the problem is a gray (not black or white), or presently unmovable, we risk draining our life force dwelling on it, seeking some sort of resolve that is not yet available. We risk suffering over our suffering instead of merely allowing the problem to be. 

At the same time, it seems to me that energy will insist on being used one way or another. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves wasting it like a dog chasing its tail, leaving us dizzy, confused, and exhausted. Before me, lately, there has been a restlessness to improve certain situations — an energy beckoning for a plan, a decision, a remedy. It wants to take action but there’s no clear direction, and instead I am invited to live into the answers moment by moment. 

What then to do with that energy that wants a response now? If ignored it might pound a brick wall until it bleeds. Instead, I’m trying to redirect it, transmute it perhaps. Rather than use that energy to linger over the unmovable, I can choose to use it to move myself… to new, inward territory. If I catch myself going down the road which leads to that brick wall, I can make a choice to stop and shift my energy toward exploring that which brings me peace, and even joy. For me, this recent redistribution of personal energy has taken the vigor out of my perceived problems and put it instead into a spiritual voyage… for the purpose of growing closer to the God of my understanding — the God that soothes me as I trade resistance for awareness. Always a work in progress… 

May you be inspired!

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