This is the final of four posts that will point to different methods of prayer which we may want to consider using on our Lenten journey.  For today we’ll look at Praise.  

Praise — Some people interpret praise as expressing outwardly how wonderful the Almighty is. While it can be that, another way to understand what it means to offer praise is to quietly enter into a spirit of awe and wonder.  When we attempt to comprehend how vast the Creator of the Cosmos is while also realizing the intimacy and preciousness of each living being, this too is a form of praise.  This awareness may cause us to dance or sing or to simply sit in stillness, basking in the magnificence of it all. 

As the forty days of Lent unfold, let us be intentional in taking time to nurture our relationship with God through prayer, however we might experience it.  Prayer can open us up and enhance our connection to Spirit.  It is a foundational piece of the journey we make on the way to experiencing Resurrection with Christ. 

May you be inspired! 

Note: This reflection in full was first featured in Tau Center’s “Still Point: Journey of Lent 2022.”

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