Pause and Listen 

A few things took the wind out of my sails recently.  Each one individually wasn’t so bad but when accumulated they were enough to topple my optimism. As a believer in the power of the mind, however, I tried to rise above my discouragement by focusing on the positive. That didn’t hold too well this time. So I went to my next tool, which was to simply allow the negativity to be and to give it time to pass. 

Unpleasant feelings will indeed pass.  They always have, but sometimes not before we’ve given them their say. 

You see, when a particular feeling is stubborn, not of the fleeting variety, I’ve learned it’s got a message to deliver.  Persistent feelings can be allies, wanting to be heard so as to bring us awareness, protection, or healing. Maybe they deliver a reminder about integrity, or self care, or a relationship. Perhaps they highlight areas of neglect, or an invitation for creativity, or the need for redirection. 

Whatever the announcement, when a feeling is being obstinate, that’s a cue to  pause and listen.   Besides, a demanding feeling typically won’t ease up until the call to action it beckons is at least acknowledged.  Whether or not we agree with the feeling’s interpretation or its urge is another matter to be explored in its own right.  For now it’s enough to just listen respectfully. 

What are your feelings trying to communicate to you?  How might you best tune in and honor them today? 

May you be inspired!

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