Let Us Not Forget Our Resiliency

Recently I was reminded of a church program my mother attended and told me about years ago. As she sat in a circle with other participants, the leader asked each person to anonymously write down the toughest problems facing them right now. Then they were instructed to fold up their paper and put it in a bowl. The leader mixed up the papers and passed the bowl around the circle. Each person was to select a paper and privately read the problems on it. Then the leader asked, “Would you rather have these problems or the ones you submitted?” Every single person wanted their own problems back.


Don’t let social media fronts fool you. No one is without problems. You could trade infidelity for addiction. You could trade mental illness for special needs. You could trade unemployment for chronic illness. Whatever the difficulty, we humans have a pretty good capacity for adjusting to the challenges put before us. Eventually we cope and manage. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit though for how we’ve adapted. Yet, perhaps when considering a trade with someone else, we can catch a glimpse of how well we are doing in handling our problems… so well that we would not want to make an exchange.


When in the valleys that come with the territory of living, let us not forget our resiliency! We can choose to trust the Spirit within to guide us in finding our way. 

May you be inspired!

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