Let it Begin with Me

God’s “one-in-being-ness” presented to us through the life of Jesus is not a mere experience that humankind once witnessed, rather it is an invitation.  We are invited to develop our Christ nature, to live out the bold Love Jesus modeled.  Here the anchoring phrase Let it Begin with Me makes for a great prayer

The irony of the Gospel is that after putting all of our stock in Jesus as the Messiah we find that God, through Jesus, has put all of his stock in us.  In other words, the work of resurrection is ours to continue.  How can we bring new life to the death that surrounds us?  How can we lift up our families and communities? How can we renew society and revitalize the church?  The answer is simple, Let it Begin with Me.

During Easter Season Let it Begin with Me. Experience what a difference it can make.

“By changing myself, I truly can change the world.” — Courage to Change, p. 337

May you be inspired!

NOTE:  This reflection is part of a series entitled “Wisdom Mantras for the Lenten Journey,” initially published by Tau Center.  You can view the entire Lenten reflection series here: Still Point

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