It’s the How

After talking with some friends about difficult relationships in our lives, I was reminded of a common point of challenge.  Someone ends up arguing with someone else over the delivery of a message, before ever getting to the actual matter intended for discussion.  Regardless of the topic — it could be sharing an opinion, making plans, offering feedback, you name it — it’s often not the “what” that causes people to get upset; it’s the “how.” 

How we speak to one another… how we make room for varying viewpoints… how we express compassion for each other even when we don’t see the situation the same way… how we enter into compromise… how we take responsibility for our part… how we extend the grace of forgiveness or benefit of the doubt to someone else… these are the “hows” that make all the difference.  These are the “hows” that open the door to trust, reconciliation, and cooperation. 

How we communicate with one another has a significant effect on our relationships.  When we get the “how” right often the “what” falls into a peaceful place. 

May you be inspired!

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