Holy Guidance

The magi in the Gospel for the Epiphany were a group of scholars who dealt with astrology, foretelling the future, and dream interpretation.  They observed a star, trusted it was signaling a king’s birth, and followed it to find Jesus.  Spirit prompted and guided them to this experience.  Afterward the magi were led again by the Spirit, this time through a dream, to depart another way so as to not encounter Herod.  This story can remind us that the Spirit of God does indeed go before us.  All we need to do is be open to the signs of Love in our midst and respond. 

When have I felt led by the Spirit in the past and where do I need to be open to holy guidance now? 

May you be inspired! 

Note: This reflection was first featured in Tau Center’s “Still Point - Advent Special Issue 2021."

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