Designed to Heal

Our bodies are amazing. Our earth is amazing. As one who believes there is a loving Source of all creation, I find it so comforting to experience the healing design of our existence. Let me be more specific…


Not long ago I read that when a broken bone is healing, the fracture site gets stronger than the surrounding bone, for a period of time, until eventually the whole area is restored. Likewise, when we accidentally cut our skin, the process that takes place immediately after is remarkable. The wound drains itself to clean it out, the blood clots, a scab forms to protect the healing underneath, blood vessels bring oxygen to the injured area, and eventually new skin forms. These examples remind me of the beautiful truth that the body’s intention is to live, heal, and sustain itself. When we tune in to our bodies, they can prompt us toward what is needed. And the body is especially able to thwart off illness or harm when we embolden it with healthy self-care, such as good nutrition, exercise, sleep, play, practicing gratefulness, and intentionally sending loving thoughts toward ourselves and one another.


Not only are our bodies programmed to support us, but so is the earth we live on. Those in my neighborhood may see me slip off my shoes from time to time to walk barefoot in the grass. This isn’t just me accessing my inner flower child (though that can be fun), rather I am promoting my body’s wellness by being conductive with the earth. This practice is called earthing or grounding, and there are decades of research on this modality for healing. In short, it has to do with the positively charged free radicals we humans acquire being neutralized by the earth’s surface, which has negatively charged free electrons. These free electrons essentially act like antioxidants. The earth helps stabilize and restore our wellness if we take time to connect with it. Earthing/grounding works to keep our bioelectrical systems operating smoothly, helps enhance our immune systems, reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation, and more! When you think about how removed we have become from the earth compared to our ancestors, it is exciting to reestablish that bond. We can celebrate that the earth, like our bodies, is designed to help its inhabitants heal! (To read medical studies on grounding visit Dr. Laura Koniver’s site: There you can also get a Free Grounding Guide.)


Isn’t it fascinating and exhilarating to know there is an Intelligence at work, within us and around us, that consistently supports our well-being?! Let’s encourage one another to give this powerful, brilliant Love our attention, appreciation, and cooperation. May you be inspired!

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