Bless and Release

Do you have a situation in life that brings you down?  Perhaps a circumstance that isn’t as you would like it to be… or a shortcoming that you just haven’t risen above yet… or a difficult relationship that shows no sign of getting easier.  Whatever the struggle, it causes some suffering for sure. 

We all have some pockets of suffering in our lives.  But let us be careful to not suffer over our suffering, for one time through is often enough. Yes, it’s good to allow ourselves to feel what we’re feeling, but may we not live there indefinitely, circling around the disappointment in ongoing rumination.  And perhaps the situation is somewhat chronic or cyclical, calling us to touch down routinely to honor the pain so we can get some relief from it.  That’s quite healthy, of course, to be honest about what we’re experiencing, to name it.  Let’s just be sure we don’t make that suffering our sole identity. 

We can and should acknowledge our suffering sincerely.  We can sit with it for a time to bless it for whatever growth it is prompting or grace it might bring.  Then we can release it to our Higher Power so that we may respond to other invitations from life… invitations that lift us up, offer us contentment, and bring us joy. 

May you be inspired!

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