Be and Love Being 

I often read from an Al-Anon book called “Courage to Change,” which has daily reflections of insight and encouragement.  In one of the messages for this week, a writer (anonymous) shared how nature is a great role model for staying present to today, saying, “Trees don’t sit around and worry about forest fires.”  How true that is!  It reminds me also of something a Religious Sister I once worked with said of the trees, “All they have to do is give glory to God.” 

Isn’t that how we long to live, in the now and full of glory?!  Sometimes it helps to be reminded that each of us is an expression of beauty, created by the Loving Artist of all.  And as a philosophy teacher of mine would say, every piece of art reflects something about the Artist.  Look at the gallery of this planet alone — oh the many aspects we can learn about God! 

Like each sunrise and sunset and all the fascinating wonders of the world, sometimes all we need to do is be and love being… love our lives just as they are.  Glory follows effortlessly from there. 

May you be inspired! 

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