Attraction Rather Than Promotion

Lent is a time set aside to deepen our faith life.  Feelings of growth and renewal could make us eager to share what is new and uplifting for us.  Perhaps the best way to do so is by Attraction Rather Than Promotion.  We do not need to tell others how we have changed.  Rather, living out what has shifted in the self is often the best course. 

“Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words” comes to mind when living out Attraction Rather Than Promotion.   If we are truly transformed in any way for the better, it follows that this change would be made evident in our behavior.  The difference in us ought to be perceptible.  There is no need to lecture.  Let any light discovered offer a gentle invitation for another to experience a metanoia of their own.

During Lent let us lead with Attraction Rather Than Promotion.  Experience what a difference it can make.

“When my life improves as a result of working the program myself, I do more to carry the message than I ever could by forcing it on others.”Courage to Change, p. 36 

May you be inspired!

NOTE:  This reflection is part of a series entitled “Wisdom Mantras for the Lenten Journey,” initially published by Tau Center.  You can view the entire Lenten reflection series here: Still Point.

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