Ashes ~ A Song

I wrote a song called “Ashes,” recorded on my album, "Calling Deep."  It’s about hope, despite devastation, for something new to somehow be created out of the remains of broken dreams, broken hearts, broken lives and death itself.  It applies to anyone needing restoration, and is also fitting for the Lenten season of renewal many are observing now.  To hear “Ashes,” visit the MUSIC page of this website.  It is the second track.  May you be inspired!



© Tammy Winn 


Pull me to your purpose; I’m down on bended knee

Can we use these ashes to fertilize new dreams

Otherwise they only serve to dirty up my skin

So please draw forth some meaning from this cold suffering


Pain can be foundational for change and recompense

A raw, but sturdy building block that binds the hearts of men

And the privacy of hurt is a most universal truth

So come sit with my misery I’ll open up to you


Oh I wish it didn’t have to be

Yet I know it’s what makes us free

And by design we can trust that this is not the end

No, not the end at all


Tomorrow’s full of better times I’ll try to look ahead

Just give me one more moment here for reverencing the dead

Now I see what you’ve been trying to tell me all along

Ashes to ashes does not mean that we’re gone, no

Ashes to ashes means somehow we’re bound to carry on

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