Actively Endorse Our Longings 

I imagine there are situations in all of our lives wherein it would take a miracle for things to turn around, for that which is broken to be healed, for real conversion to take root.  Often we don’t even bother praying for these yearned for outcomes because they seem so far-fetched.  But what if we went all-in and boldly ask for those 1%-chance-of-happening deep desires of the soul? 

What is it about hope that makes us afraid?  Maybe we think that if we accept something as hopeless we will have more peace, but sometimes we’re only left with despair and a broken dream.  What if, instead of hoping by way of optimistic anticipation, we tried hoping by way of patiently trusting?  After all, whatever the matter is, if it is in our hearts then we are connected to it. 

Author Richard Rohr wrote, “To actively oppose something is actually to engage with it and to give it energy.”  So instead of opposing our longing, why not actively endorse it with the energy of prayer that says “This is my preference AND I trust Love.”  This mindset is one of assurance that all will be well in the end — not in a trite way but in a way that recognizes there is a great mystery here.  If we can really let go enough to allow that to sink in, then we may actually have more peace. 

So we can gather our vision, name the miracle needed, do what is in our control — including prayer — to encourage the result we want, and then release the longing to Spirit.  In other words, after pairing our free will with the Great Presence of Love we can rest… and see what happens. 

May you be inspired!

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