A Responsibility to Love

I’m not inclined to ask why does God allow suffering?  Instead, my questions are often along the lines of… 

Why did that person misuse their free will to hurt another?… or 

Why don’t we make better choices when the negative consequences are easily anticipated?…or 

Why isn’t society learning from this situation?… and so forth. 

In other words, the problem isn’t really God’s per se; it’s ours.  We’ve been given a great responsibility — a responsibility to love. 

Some haven’t learned how to love very well from the start, through no fault of their own.  Others did learn how to love but have forgotten over time due to distractions that derailed them or heartaches that shut them down.  And many more have always known what love requires yet choose instead a path that asks nothing of them. 

Still love waits. 

Love waits to be learned… 

and remembered… 

and lived. 

It is ours for the pursuing.  Love isn’t going anywhere. 

May you be inspired! 

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