A Graced Decision

The other day I was talking to a mentor of mine about decisions. Often when a choice comes before us in life we have a gut response about what to do. When that choice is tacos or pizza, a quick selection isn’t too consequential. But what if the choice affects you in a significant way, or another, or many others? What if the choice is going to lead you down a path that changes things, perhaps everything? This is where real discernment comes into play. Though it’s common to have a knee-jerk reaction to a given situation, if we are to pair our actions with wisdom we must slow down and get intentional about the matter. 

Sometimes after a discernment process we find that our instincts were on the mark from the get-go. It may then feel like the time spent discerning was a waste, since we already knew down deep what we needed to do. Yet as my mentor said, “The same decision becomes a graced decision because of the discernment.” When we take time to meet with the situation in prayer… to synthesize our understanding with the candor of trusted friends… to open our minds to be changed… it is then that we honor the decision before us. We honor the One who has entrusted us with the power to choose. We honor ourselves and those who will be impacted by the choice. It needn’t be a long, arduous process, but it must be a conscious one. 

When we help a decision become a graced decision we also discover what is immovable in us. We reinforce our voice, dispel the shadows, and pick up what is ours to do… without fear and without regret. 

May you be inspired!

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