A Few Deep Breaths

Autumn in the Midwest is stunning.  The trees are like a visual symphony, each knowing when to play their part… bursting forward in gold, orange, red, and purple, with varying hues throughout.   And for as long as I can remember I’ve loved how Mother Earth seems to do her deep breathing exercises this time of year.  With each full inhale and exhale of wind, the leaves that are ready to let go of the branch do a trust fall to the ground in graceful surrender.  Others, already there, dance around as if to greet the new arrivals.  Sometimes they organize themselves in little upward spirals, crescendoing at a point and then gently they glide back to the earth’s surface.  It’s all so beautiful to witness, the Creator’s regenerative artwork in motion, unfolding in real time before our eyes. 

All year long I like to take what I call “prayer walks” outside.  This involves a combination of physical activity, breathing exercises of my own, mentally turning challenges over to Divine Intelligence, intentionally counting my blessings, and more.  It’s a time when I reboot my system to align with the good.  I always feel at least a little better afterward.  Taking these walks this time of year, amidst such beauty, reminds me that something larger holds all of this, including all of us, and that the experience of being alive on this planet in this space in time is pure gift.  If we’re not mindful to appreciate the moments we may miss the whole.  After all, days have a way of rolling into weeks that roll into months that roll into seasons that roll into years that roll into decades that roll into lifespans. 

The fall colors are only in full brilliance but a few weeks.  Pause and look around.  Join Mother Earth in a few deep breaths.  Never before and never again will it be quite like this. 

May you be inspired!    

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