Treasure Hunting

As I continue to approach various forms of clutter clearing this spring — physical, digital, mental, emotional, etc. — I am struck by the scripture “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” (Mt 6:21)  In its fuller context, this verse cautions people to not put their attention on worldly goods or the accumulation of wealth but on what really matters: eternal Love.

It is helpful to keep this perspective of non-attachment when sifting through all kinds of clutter.  And, in a way, it makes the process of simplifying feel like a great treasure hunt.  After all, the goal is to keep an eye out for what one really values so as to make more space for it.  Perhaps that’s an item that lifts the heart, or a particular practice that supports well-being, or a soulful relationship that is mutually enriching.  Then, whatever is not life-giving, can be released.

This kind of treasure-hunting is about aligning or realigning with one’s true self, the soul.  It’s a process that asks, “How do you want to live?”  It’s a process that, with the unearthing of each precious part, we discover our hearts once more.  

What do you treasure?

May you be inspired!

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