One Day at a Time

Here we are at another Ash Wednesday, the entrance to a fresh Lenten journey.  We may set goals for how we aim to spend the next 40 days, with fasting, abstaining, and almsgiving.  Whatever our intentions are for this holy season, we would do well to remember that every objective can only be met One Day at a Time sometimes by even just one hour, or one minute, or one second at a time.

Living One Day at a Time is counter-cultural.  However, it is the only way to maintain serenity.  Sometimes we focus on the past, replaying the mental videos of disappointments, mistakes, and grievances.  This can lead to depression.  Sometimes we worry about the future, anticipating disasters or worst outcomes.  The result is often anxiety.  The truth is, however, we are powerless over both past and future.  Instead, put the past on the shelf and honor it for the gifts of learning it has held.  Set aside the future for the experiences not yet ready to be revealed.  Settle into this moment for all it has to offer, choosing to live One Day at a Time.

We may be in a season of difficulty, our souls weary from ongoing struggles.  How are we to ignore regrets and concerns when they loom overhead?  We can accept the limitations of today, knowing that we are able to only manage the present.  We have the option to surrender all that overwhelms us to a loving Higher Power.

Perhaps we are in a season of ease and joy.  Here too living One Day at a Time reminds us to pause and savor the blessings before us.  In fully experiencing the good times when they happen, we replenish our energy.  As a result, we may be able to share hope with another.

During Lent let us commit to living One Day at a Time. Experience what a difference it can make.

“This day is all I have to work with, and it is all I need.  If I am tempted to worry about tomorrow’s concerns, I will gently bring my mind back to today.”  Courage to Change, p. 10

May you be inspired!

NOTE:  This reflection is part of a series entitled “Wisdom Mantras for the Lenten Journey,” initially published by Tau Center.  You can view the entire Lenten reflection series here: Still Point.

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