Honor the Questions

So often in our busy brains questions emerge.  We are a naturally curious species.  Sorting and sifting through the incoming data of everyday life, we ponder things big and small, vast and personal.  

Too often a question is left unanswered not because there is no answer but because we never dared to ask it.  What holds us back may be an assumption that the topic is unimportant… or a fear of looking foolish for not already knowing… or an insecurity that equates asking with being a bother… or perhaps a concern that the question itself is too bold, too risky to ask. 

Yet if we take the chance to ask one another our questions we might find the practice enlivening for everyone involved.  After all, inquisitiveness is a form of intelligence that fosters growth and progress.  

Let’s honor the questions that arise in us.  From simple to deep, from pleasant to uncomfortable, let’s challenge ourselves to ask at least one question every day to someone we encounter.  By doing so we allow the spirit of the inquiry to take us on an an enriching adventure.

May you be inspired!

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