Just Better

As we shift into the gift of another year, I have been considering what resolutions to make.  Many of us recycle our intentions with a renewed aspiration that this will be the year I finally (fill in the blank)!  Yet partway into this 365-days-endeavor we often fall short and give up trying until the next New Year or birthday inspires us.  How about we try something different.  Let’s make these ongoing goals more attainable by merely adding the idea of “better” to them.  

Using a cliché resolution for an example, instead of “get in great shape” one might say “get in better shape.”  It’s a subtle but significant difference that allows movement in a positive direction without the pressure of a pass/fail attitude.  To make this objective even more general, we could simply aim to just have a better year than the one we’ve departed. 

“Just better” holds plenty of good worth celebrating and it affords us the grace and flexibility we need to embark on the journey of possibilities before us.  We will hopefully enjoy the adventure more with a mindset focused on progress not perfection.  

May you be inspired!

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