Warm Your Wings

The other day my youngest shared with me a fun fact from National Geographic’s Weird but True! book three.  It says, “Butterflies must warm their wings in the sun before flying.”  I thought of the monarchs who have recently started south for their annual migration.  Considering that, and the information my daughter shared with me, two reminders came to mind. 

One is that we all would be wise to practice the self care of “warming our wings” before taking action.  There are certain intrinsic needs we must tend to first or we simply cannot take flight. 

The second is that we all would be wise to “fly south” and follow the sun, to stay close to the very Source of that warmth we so vitally need.  I think we, like the butterflies, can intuit when it’s time to reorient ourselves on such Love. 

How do you warm your wings? 

How do you stay close to the Source of Love? 

May you be inspired!

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