Meet It With Intention 

Do you have a big problem in your life?  Maybe it’s a dilemma in your work environment… maybe it’s a challenging relationship with your child… maybe it’s grieving a significant loss… maybe it’s navigating a troubled marriage… and so on. 

If we could really see what goes on behind closed doors in the homes of others we would realize that most people have some area of life causing them discontent or worse.  Difficulty is one of the common denominators of being alive. It comes and goes, though sometimes feels chronic. 

What if we take the piece of struggle before us and make it our spiritual practice? What if we look for whatever graces may be revealed in time as we deal with an issue? Perhaps we strengthen our confidence… grow in humility… become more compassionate… discover our resilience… and so on.  Surely something beautiful is being carved out in us as we evolve through pain. 

Next time a hardship is before you, you can meet it with intention instead of suffering for suffering’s sake.  You can embrace the tribulation as your spiritual practice, rendering some meaning or purpose from it, some value for the role it plays in your life.

May you be inspired!

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