Settled For Now

When discerning between options we’re often advised to look for the path that is most life-giving or offers us peace. But there are times in life when the possibilities before us don’t amount to choosing between goods.  Sometimes no trajectory feel positive or brings the tranquility we imagine the “right” choice ought to provide.  Yet we’re compelled to step in one direction or another because, in certain cases, not moving is not an option. 

In conundrums such as these, we might need to adjust our expectations for how we’re supposed to feel. Maybe all courses of action before us are laden with struggle, in which case we can seek the one that is the least bad. And so we make a decision that settles the matter for now… until circumstances shift in time and we can reevaluate.  We may not feel peaceful in the traditional sense of the word, but we can try to make our peace with what is, as it is. 

When we allow a difficult situation to be settled for now, we free up energy to focus on and enjoy other areas of life that aren’t so challenging. 

May you be inspired!

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