Minimizing Harm

At any point in life we might find ourselves on a path of sacrificial love — the kind that, metaphorically speaking, requires one to stand in the crossfire of a bully to protect the vulnerable.  Staying present amidst a deeply unconscious person often demands a lot of energy.  It necessitates a disciplined awareness that intentionally places space between action and reaction.  It calls for a readied wisdom that is prepared to navigate the dysfunctional obstacle course of a given situation with intelligent love. 

In addition to defending the innocent, we need to use this intelligent love to help minimize the harm we will likely encounter in the process. And in the aftermath of doing what must be done, we are wise to deliberately practice self-care as soon as possible. That may be counseling, exercise, a time of prayer, journaling, or perhaps connecting with someone who really knows your goodness so as to reflect it back to you. 

Whatever you do on the heels of an act of sacrificial love, be gentle with yourself.  Remember the dignity you bear and that you are immeasurably loved. 

May you be inspired!

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