A Train Ride

A friend recently shared an analogy she learned which compared life to a train ride.  The train will likely go through beautiful scenery, unpleasant scenery, and everything in between.  It’s easier to stay on the train (i.e. stay in a given place, relationship, or situation) when we remember that the terrain will eventually change.  When it’s good, appreciate that.  When it’s not, be comforted knowing that “this too shall pass.”  And often difficulties and joys coexist on the same ride.  There might be a delightful view out of one side of the train and a disappointing view out of the other, in which case why not fix our gaze on what is pleasing. 

When the view is challenging all around, we may be tempted to make a transfer.  Just remember you take yourself with you wherever you go.  Switching trains could simply be trading in one set of problems for another.  True discernment is necessary at such a time.  Something that feels intolerable today could be a non-issue a few years from now if we just stay on the train and ride it out.            

It's been said that the one consistent thing about life is that it is always changing.  Rest assured the train ride will offer variety and adventure… and, hopefully, more blessings than anything else.       

May you be inspired!

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