The Curriculum of Life

My oldest is in the process of selecting classes for her next year of school.  There are core classes, such as English and Math, that all students must take.  Then there are electives wherein students can pick what interests them, within the parameters of what’s required for graduation. 

It seems to me the same is true of our lives. There are “core classes” we have to take, whether we like it or not.  These experiences teach us so much.  For example, how to deal with betrayal or grieving the death of a loved one.  And though we may not have knowingly enrolled in these courses, they are ours to navigate.   They will define our capacity for wisdom and compassion. 

Then there are the “electives” of life.  These courses may include choosing a career path or where to live.  We have more agency in creating the syllabus for this part, yet the program can take unexpected twists and turns.  Perhaps, for example, we thought we liked the subject but came to find out it doesn’t really suit us after all.  Here each choice helps clarify what bring us joy and purpose. 

Life is our classroom.  We can find peace by accepting the curriculum for all it stands to teach us.  Part of it has been given to us and part of it we have chosen.  Yet all of it offers us opportunities to grow in meaningful ways. 

May you be inspired!

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