The Steady Center of Our Being 

Just last night I read something beautiful that Richard Rohr wrote about the soul in Breathing Under Water.  “The soul does not attach, nor does it hate; it desires and loves and lets go.” 

I’ve always been one to lament over unrealized potential.  I grieve when the free will of one harms or limits the life of another.  And regardless of how much I have learned and have tried to keep realistic expectations about such things, the wastefulness of it all breaks my heart again and again.  I try to lovingly detach and I certainly try not to hate.  Yet I do ache at times for what could have been. 

All I know at this point in my journey is that in the longing there is a resolute hope… in the loving there is an intelligent grace… and in the letting go there is an imperative freedom.  Hope, grace, and freedom.  This does seem to be the eternal “stuff” of the soul.  And hidden within all of creation is a constant invitation to anchor one’s life in that which can never be destroyed. 

In this season of declared Thanksgiving, rather than cling to the attachments and grievances of the ego, maybe we can try instead to align with the steady center of our being.  Perhaps we will discover there our deepest gratefulness… for merely having this experience at all. 

May you be inspired!

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