The Invitation of the Dark

“Lord Jesus, 
Master of both the light and the darkness, 
send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations for Christmas.  
We who have so much to do 
seek quiet spaces to hear your voice each day."
— From “Advent Prayer” by Henri Nouwen

Light and darkness.  One defines the other.  Gestation happens in the dark before birthing into the bright outside world.  That time of waiting is anything but passive. It is a time of growth and evolution.  It is a time of getting ready for the light that is to come.

Amidst all of our preparations, we must not miss the invitation from the dark.  It calls for us through the shortened days.  The deep, rich, blackness offers us rest.

We can give up our resistance to the dark and let it hold us.  We can choose to trust the process of spiritual maturation while we wait in the quiet, dark silence.  Here God’s voice becomes distinct and audible.    

How will I answer the invitation of the dark?

May you be inspired!

NOTE:  This reflection is part of an Advent Reflection Series initially published by Tau Center.  You can view the entire reflection here: Still Point.

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