Listen and Learn

The beauty of liturgical seasons such as Lent is that we are reminded to set some time aside to reflect and clear out what is not life-giving.  In this process we might open ourselves up to Listen and Learn.  So long as we are alive we can grow in the understanding of something new each day.  This helps us evolve into a better version of ourselves and thus contribute to a positive change in the world.

When encountering parts of our lives that trouble us, often in the form of people with whom we disagree, we can peacefully approach the dilemma with our ears.  If we take time to drop our defenses and really listen, we just might learn something about them and about ourselves.  Authentic listening leads to learning which lends itself to loving more widely.  

To Listen and Learn is a form of healing for everyone involved.  All we need to do is to be present and enter into another’s experience.  We do not listen with a preoccupation to change someone else.  Rather, we offer genuine compassion that allows safe space for the soul to appear.  It is then that we are changed. 

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story,” as the quotation by Mary Lou Kownacki says.  By taking the time to Listen and Learn we reorient ourselves once again toward Love. 

During Lent let us commit to Listen and Learn.  Experience what a difference it can make.

“The more available I am to listen and learn, the more available I am to be healed by my Higher Power.” Hope for Today, p.16

May you be inspired!

NOTE:  This reflection is part of a series entitled “Wisdom Mantras for the Lenten Journey,” initially published by Tau Center.  You can view the entire Lenten reflection series here: Still Point.

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