Effort is Required 

We often look for our own faults in others.  For example, if we suspect someone is judging us about something chances are it’s because we have been judgmental about that very thing ourselves at times.  The person we’re wondering about may not in fact be judging us at all, but we latch on to that theory due to our own indiscretions.  Our shadow aspects have a way of feeding our insecurities. 

We also often look for our virtues in others.  If we’re quite trustworthy in our day to day living, we’re inclined to assume this quality in the people around us.  This is where we can be called naive for thinking someone’s word is solid when in reality they are lying or being manipulative.  Our light aspects have a way of leaving us vulnerable. 

What then is the invitation for our well-being? 

If we work with the parts of ourselves that we find undesirable, we can stop projecting them onto others and promote healing both individually and interpersonally. 

If we work to build awareness of the exposure that comes with living authentically, we can practice a mindfulness that protects our energy from any real threat, holding a boundary that leaves others to carry their own vices. 

To put it simply, it’s up to us to mend our broken pieces and to live out the illumination with which we’ve been gifted.  Shrinking back is not an option if we want to maximize the experience of living in community.  In other words, effort is required. 

May you be inspired!

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