Thanksgiving & Intercession

This is the third of four posts that will point to different methods of prayer which we may want to consider using on our Lenten journey.  For today we’ll look at Thanksgiving and Intercession.  

Thanksgiving — As Meister Eckhart once conveyed, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”  Approaching each day with a spirit of gratitude fosters a life of contentment.  When we take time to intentionally appreciate the ways in which we’ve been blessed, we remember that we are loved and supported by our Maker.  Any point of gratitude will do, from a brief observation of the natural world to receiving a letter from a friend.  No blessing in life is too small to recognize the meaning it brings. 

Intercession — This practice reminds us we are not alone.  While we pray only to God, we can commune with spirits on earth or in heaven and ask them to join us in prayer.  Just as we might say to a friend, “please pray for me,” so too we can ask anyone who has gone before us to pray with us.  Prayer is the communication of the soul and souls are eternal.  So who do we want to bring into our prayer lives?  Perhaps we welcome one of the saints, such as Francis, Clare, or Mary.  Perhaps we invite a dearly beloved ancestor.  Let us enjoy the company of others as we pray. 

May you be inspired! 

Note: This reflection in full was first featured in Tau Center’s “Still Point: Journey of Lent 2022.”

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