What Should We Do?

The Gospel reading for the third Sunday of Advent opens with crowds asking John the Baptist “What should we do?”  They must have had a longing for something more to even ask this, an anticipation of a better way of being.  John doesn’t tell them to do anything outlandish.  In fact, the message is quite simple and direct — share your resources with those who have none, be honest in your dealings, and be content with what you have.  What John describes may seem like an obvious way to improve our collective life experience, but it is not always easy.  To hear him articulate how a just world would be, to stand up and name what needed changing, made the people wonder if he could he be the Christ.  Surely he was conveying a message of Love.     

In what ways can I newly approach doing what is most loving albeit difficult?

May you be inspired!  

Note: This reflection was first featured in Tau Center’s “Still Point - Advent Special Issue 2021."

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