Fundraising Partnerships

Since 2005, Tammy has periodically partnered with non-profits to fundraise for meaningful projects wherein she donates her time and talents and works to direct funds towards determined goals.  Some examples include efforts Tammy's made for people in Kenya:

  • Supporting the Lwanda Lutheran Church community, within the Luo Tribe, in making school improvements as well as meeting basic living needs.
  • Furthering the education of a young Kenyan man who is now a teacher.
  • Helping two individuals in need of life-threatening medical care.  One was 9 year old girl with cardio problems (in the fall of 2011) and the other a young man who had just completed high school and was in a life-threatening bus accident on his way to graduation (in 2016).
  • Assisting the Lolgorian Catholic Mission, within the Maasai Tribe, in building a boarding school aimed at empowering young Kenyan women.

Money earned by the live sales of the EP "You Know the Way" are directed to ongoing needs in Kenya.